Saturday, July 31, 2010

Waiting Out a Summer Storm

Angora goats, much like cats, prefer not to get wet and have an eye for comfort. Since the goats (unlike the sheep) can be relied upon to stay in the yard (or at least close to home), they are often let loose to graze and browse in the yard. This has the added advantage of increasing the intervals between mowing and brush cutting. In the attached photograph the goats, along with their guardian Bonnie, have decided to wait out a summer storm on the front porch.

FCS Farm & Avillion Farm Together

This is the first official farm blog entry. The farms are together since Gary and I (Elaina) got married in January of 2010. FCS originally stood for Forked Cedar & Scuppernog; unfortunately the forked cedar was lost in an ice storm several years ago and Gary’s Jacob sheep ate all the scuppernogs. The original fiber animals at Avillion Farm are angora rabbits, angora goats and Shetland sheep. The American buff geese, mallard ducks and peafowl supply entertainment and beauty, while the Great Pyrenees guardian dogs (Bonnie and Violet) provide predator protection for the whole farm. I will be using the farm blog to chronicle events on the farm and introduce new fibers, yarns and other farm products.